1° Maggio Restaurant

Hotel Paola’s restaurant is called ‘Primo Maggio (May 1st) in honour of the workers’ holiday, which have been celebrated in the area since the last century, and during which the locals, and especially the ancestors of the Vitiello family, traditionally went on picnics in the countryside overlooking the sea, bringing together family and friends. These occasions often ended up in ‘Casciandre’, that is: singing and music-making till the evening. It is to these moments of true restoration of body and spirit that the restaurant is dedicated. It is located at the centre of the hotel and functions as a meeting-place in the open spaces around the tables.

The menu is rich in both seafood and land dishes, with special consideration for vegetarians and those with gluten intolerance. Attention is paid to both tradition and personalization while avoiding certain excesses. Plates tend to be rather abundant and presented with care. Any special request is welcomed; Primo Maggio’s first aim is to nourish.