The restaurant of the Hotel Paola is called 1st of May, in honor of the workers’ party that took place here until the last century and during which the Carlofortini, in particular the ancestors of the Vitiello family, had a picnic in the countryside with sea ??view gathering relatives and friends.
At these particular days of celebration that often ended with the “Casciandre” during which we sang and played until evening, and at these moments of true restoration of body and spirit, the restaurant’s space, which is in the center of the hotel, is dedicated and it is a meeting place in the common areas around the tables.

The menu rich in recipes from the sea, but also from the land, with attention to vegetarians and people with celiac disease, is characterized by tradition and personalization, without excess, but also with care to the presentation of the dishes, always quite abundant. Any particular request can be answered: feeding, for the restaurant 1st of May, is the first purpose of its existence.

Dishes of Earth

Sea Dishes